When we think of sports betting our natural though process it to think in terms of dollars, but this is one of the main reasons why such a high percentage of sports bettors end up losing. Instead, the proper way to be thinking of it is in terms of percentage increases and return on investment (ROI). Once we change our mindset to think in terms like this, we drastically improve our chances of sports betting success. sureman01.com

We often see ads in the newspaper, on TV or in other forms of media claiming huge monetary gains from sports betting. It’s not uncommon to hear these sports betting pros making claims that “they won 50 dimes (thousand) last month” or “How they won 10 thousand over the weekend”. Then they continue on to tell you to call them for their picks and you too could experience the same amount of financial gains by taking their advice. They create this great big illusion of dollar bills in our heads. We start to think to ourselves how great it would be to make 50K this month or an extra 10K this weekend. Unfortunately they are leaving out a big piece of the puzzle: YOUR BANKROLL.

These guys have extremely large bankrolls and that is one of the main reasons why they can achieve these unbelievable dollar amounts. Let me explain. Let’s just say that one of these pros has a million dollar bankroll, so basically if he gains just a 1% return over the weekend then he has achieved his 10 thousand profit that he claimed in his advertisement. The problem is that most do not have million dollar bankrolls so they are using a much smaller amount to start like a thousand dollars as an example. Well 1% of $1000 is only $10 which is really not something that they are going to be bragging to their friends about.

In reality that $10 is the same achievement as the 10K, but just on a smaller scale and this is why most sports bettors will fail. They were trying to turn that $1000 into 10K over the weekend so they try and press their luck and gamble losing it all and being left for broke.

Is it really possible to win at sports betting? ABSOLUTELY

You just need to be happy with small percentage gains that over time will transform in to large profits. If you can stay disciplined, manage your bankroll properly and follow a winning sports betting system then you should ultimately expect to succeed in the long run.


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