If you are thinking of attending an EFT workshop, you may wish to do some pre-workshop preparation so you can make the most of your workshop when you are there.

Your workshop presenter will explain how EFT works and what to do. If this is a Level 2 workshop or above, your presenter will be going into refinements to the tapping process. Virtual Team Building Workshops Singapore

You can help to prepare for a beginners or Level 1 workshop by reading a book about EFT or downloading information from some of the free resources online. There are also many YouTube videos that show you EFT from many different perspectives. You can read, watch maybe try a little tapping, and make note of any questions that come to you.

If you are attending a Level 2 workshop or above, practice doing EFT on yourself as well as your case studies. Go through your Personal Peace Procedure. This is especially important if you want to become an EFT practitioner. When your energy is clean, you can help your clients better. If you get stuck on any parts of your PPP, this is ideal to make note of and take to your workshop to be worked on. Do not worry if you prefer to keep it confidential. You can tap on it at the workshop without the need to reveal what it is.

You will be working as a group at your workshop and also possibly one-to-one with other attendees. You can get plenty of practice working in a safe environment to help another attendee release their challenges. And you will want to reciprocate by allowing them to release your challenges too. So it is good to prepare a list of about 3 issues that you would be happy to release. For example, this could be a phobia, a stiffness in the shoulders, anger at your boss, smoking or eating more than you would like, a fear of imperfection, or the need for more confidence when in social situations. Whatever you can think of will do. Make a list of challenges and take this list with you to your workshop.

EFT workshops are usually supportive, safe, and fun. Do not confuse your workshop with group talk therapy. EFT is an effective and gentle energy release. If you are new to the idea of energy healing, you can read a little about energy healing and how it works. An internet search about Chi or Qi will bring up plenty for you to read and discover.

On the day of your workshop, wear something you feel comfortable in. If you are female, you may wish to limit the amount of make-up you wear; as you will be tapping with two fingers on facial points, and you do not want to tap a lot of make-up into your skin. And most of all, bring an open mind and a willing heart.


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